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My dogs are my babies and yours will be too during their stay at PEDASI PAWS PARADISE Dog Hotel. 

I moved to Pedasi in May, 2010 with my adventurous dog Fischer. It didn't take long before I aquired 4 cats and Melvin, my Chihuahua and love of my life. They are my sunshine.

If I could take my babies with me everywhere I go, I would. Unfortunately, that's not always possible. I know I'm not alone when I say how much I miss my dogs and worry that they are ok when I am away, whether it's a week or even just a day. This is one of the reasons I've decided to open a dog hotel and day care facility. Now you can go fishing for the day or take your time shopping or take that trip you've always wanted to take and know your dogs will be loved, well cared for, entertained, exercised, safe and comfortable.

My other reason for opening PEDASI PAWS PARADISE Dog Hotel is a selfish one. I LOVE DOGS! I want more dogs. I want to be surrounded by dogs. They make me happy and they deserve the best care possible when their humas can't bring them along. 

PEDASI PAWS PARADISE Doggy Day Care and Hotel is located on the same property where we live. Your animals will never be left unguarded. Our fenced, secure yard is over 3,200 square meters in which your dogs will have to roam and explore. The enclosed building has Air Conditioning and plenty of fans for great ventilation and comfort. Whether it's an afternoon nap or bed time, your dogs environment will be completely comfortable. Additionally, a smaller fenced in and shaded area is attached to the hotel where your dog can relax in a hammock under the palms trees. REALLY, they can!! Although each dog will have their own 'room', they are free to roam inside or out with the other 4 legged guests throughout the day.

PEDASI PAWS PARADISE is not just a drop off for your dog. My goal is to make your fur baby happy to be here even though they will miss you terribly. They will receive so much attention and interaction, they will be asking for nap time. 

***A dog that is not spayed or neutered may not be allowed to mix with the masses. Please, do the right thing and have your dog spayed or neutered***

***Special attention will be paid to insure all dogs get along before they socialize***


I'm Melvin, the love of my mom's life


I'm FIscher and Im the bed tester. I approve!


Im Maso. I play hard and I rest hard.

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